Urban Station Buenos Aires by The Cool Hunter
The Cool Hunter

Not everyone is lucky to work in a cool and inspiring office, and even those who are, can become stuck in an uncreative rut, or disturbed by loud coworkers, boring music, smells of someone’s lunch, outside noise. And those who … Leer Más

Coffee Shop-Office Hybrids: The Workplace of the Future?

“IT IS NOT A COFFEE SHOP, IT IS NOT AN OFFICE. BUT IF YOU ARE A MOBILE WORKER, IT IS SOMETHING MUCH BETTER THAN BOTH THINGS TOGETHER. More people are working remotely than ever before, which is bad news for … Leer Más

WOBI: Brainstorming en Urban Station

La competencia en los negocios ha pasado de un foco en la eficiencia y el volumen como ventaja competitiva, a una gran cantidad de compañías que reconocen el poder de las ideas, la creatividad y la innovación. Sin embargo, las … Leer Más

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